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This section is designed to answer some of the most common questions about our products, Chinese posters, and the site.

Q: Where do you find these products?
A: All of our products come from within mainland China, and are purchased from a network of suppliers who can guarantee quality.

Q: How are your prices set?
A: Shipping and applicable taxes have already been built into our prices. This means that unless you require expedited shipping, you pay exactly the price shown for any item, regardless of where the item is being shipped. Prices reflect the delicacy and difficulty in acquiring these items, as well as general business costs (inventory, bank fees, web hosting).

Q: How do I pay? Is it secure?
A: You can use Paypal, who offer some of the best security in the industry. To keep prices low, we ask that you send money from a linked bank account, and cannot accept credit card payments at this time. You will never be asked to reveal your credit card information directly to this site, ensuring your personal information stays safe. In addition, we do support direct bank transfers, and our wire transfer information will be made available to you during checkout if you’d prefer that option. If you would like to use another payment method, please contact us. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Q: Are there any discounts available?
A: Yes! You’ll need to use a discount code during the checkout. Simply use the code “2ITEMS” and receive 10% off of any order of $60 or more. Enter the code “3ITEMS” and receive 15% off of any order of $90 or more. The code “4ITEMSORMORE” is for those who want to save 20% off of their entire order of $120 or more. This means that if you buy four posters, your fifth is free!

Q: When will I get my item?
A: It can take two weeks to get your item, if located outside of the United States, but often much less. Expedited shipping is available for a minimal charge, and generally cuts the shipping time to 4-7 days. If you have concerns about shipping, or wish to ship to a country not listed, simply contact us at anytime at admin @ .

Q: I’m having trouble ordering multiple of an item? How can I get an item that isn’t listed or is out of stock?
A: Most all of the items on our site are strictly limited in supply- we usually only have ONE of any particular item or style. Please contact us- we often are able to get additional posters or items, even on short notice.

Q: How can I help?
A: While we do not currently have any open positions, we will shortly make available graphics, buttons, and links to our site, allowing you to refer visitors to us and benefiting from any successful sales.

Q: How can I get a high-resolution version of one of your images (or several)?
A: Non-watermarked, high-resolution versions are available for a nominal fee. Please contact us at admin @ !

Q: Are these items real?
A: Generally, items for sale on our site are reproductions. It is possible that you may receive an original; however, we have no way to authenticate most of our items (and for some, it is nearly impossible). Posters and memorabilia are reproduced to reasonable standards- these are not scans, the paper is not thick or modern but thin and antique. However, the originals were often slightly marked, and thus our reproductions are as well.

Q: Can I use the photos on my site, in my paper, etc?
A: Yes- we ask only that you link to our site, and if possible, let us know what you are using them for. We hope to provide high-quality scans to complement other collections that are partially available online.

Q: Where do I go for an original?
A: First, beware- we cannot vouch for any sites listed below! Second, there are several excellent sites where originals can be found, for instance, and MaoPosters . Prices vary, but range from US$80-$600, plus shipping.

Q: Where can I find more information?
A: Well, Stefan Landsberger has an exhaustive site, with some really great posters and information. Also, Artelino has a good page of information and also offers auctions authentic posters. Chris To operates CultureGems and offers a wide range of great Chinese items, all said to be authentic.