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Tractor Girl

$ 30.00

Like “Ballet Soldier”, this poster shows another way in which women helped the Communists. Mao is clearly shining on her efforts, and even her tractor is red! The slogan here is a bit tough, as they talk about refining in a way that is a bit of a stretch for English- but it’s something like “From the Earth to the Sky We Work to Make Ourselves Red”.

Nobody did propaganda like the Chinese. This is your chance to own a bit of history.

Our large posters (between 70-80 cm x 50-60 cm) are most likely reproductions and, as with most collectibles in China, no claims will be made as to their authenticity or origin. We do guarantee that the item you receive will be in excellent condition, suitable for framing, and the exact item you ordered. In rare cases, specific posters may not be available- we will inform you about this as early as possible. Please note that many posters will have natural smudges or discolorations, and will typically come on “antique-style” paper that may have small imperfections, creases, or small rips on the edges. All prices include shipping and handling, as well as applicable taxes.